Foxes- Preventing & Safe Guarding your Poultry.

Preventing Fox Attacks & Protecting your Poultry!   Blog written by “The girl in the green wellies.” 22/07/2016   This weeks blog focuses on how to deter Foxes from your land; how to protect your poultry and keep them safe. Something I have always struggled with is the thought of having to kill Foxes! I have always thought they are such beautiful creatures just fighting to survive like any other predator, and I always found it shocking that people would want to go out and [...]

Controlling Vermin (P1) RATS!

Controlling Vermin! (P1) RATS!   One common question that people tend to ask when purchasing a chicken or bird is “Do chickens attract rats and other vermin?” The answer is “yes!” It is not the chickens that actually attract the rats, it’s their food the vermin are drawn too, but also note that they have been known to eat their eggs and sometimes even kill a chicken! So not good! On the other hand little mice are not something to be concerned about [...]

“What is the right Chicken for me?” (P1)

Blog written by “The girl in the green wellies” 24/06/2016   “What is the right Chicken for me?” Part1. This week’s blog is to help you all decide what is the right breed of chicken for you to purchase, whether it be for a family pet, raised for meat or for a budding backyard chicken keeper. Something I always think of when visiting the farm here at A&J Poultry is, how do you make the choice of bird you want to buy, when there are [...]