“Understanding how Geese imprint”

Blog written by “The girl in the green wellies!” 11/06/2016   “Understanding how Geese imprint” I have always been completely in love with Geese as a species for many reasons, their beautiful appearance, loyalty and character; so last week I made the big decision to buy two baby goslings from A&J Poultry! I always knew that Geese were loyal birds, however I wasn’t aware of their ability to imprint was so strong. As you may already know from my previous blog’s I have two [...]

“Tips and Tricks on Raising baby Chicks and Ducklings!”

Blog by “The Girl in the green wellies”   “Tips and Tricks on Raising baby Chicks and Ducklings!”  This week down on the farm, I was very fortunate to watch some chicks hatch. Some already had "fluffed up" from being in the hatcher for a while and dried off, and others still having the big task of trying to break out of their shell (although at this point they were helped out and put into a little box away from the others to [...]